Newsletter-The Desire Of All Nations

The Desire Of All Nations
By: Abundant Grace Daily Devotion
With the worsening of economies, the rising prices and the instability in the markets, the world feels a level of insecurity that it is unfamiliar with. Believers rest in their Savior, knowing that God has it all under control, but the unbeliever has no such faith. What can be shaken, is being shaken, as God said that He would do (verse 7). The things that are of Him, namely the gospel of His grace and goodness, cannot be shaken so they will remain in this final hour (Hebrews 12:25-28).
The thing that every believer looks forward to, and most unbelievers think is a joke, is the arrival of Jesus Christ. Haggai called Him, “the desire of all nations” (Haggai 2:7). What a wonderful description of our Lord Jesus. Even those who do not realize that they are seeking for Jesus are doing so every time that they try to find happiness in the things of this world. All of these things shake and fade away, and man must replace the joy that went with them. They are seeking after what Jesus offers, whether they realize it or not. As Simon said to Jesus, “All men seek for thee” (Mark 1:37).
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