Newsletter-A Bloody Nile

It has been said that San Diego, and Southern California as a whole, is essentially a desert with an ocean next to it.  Take away the ocean and San Diego would have about as much to offer as any other desert town.  There would be no ocean breeze to make the climate ideal throughout the year – temperatures would be in the 90s but with no beach within thirty minutes.  There would be no cause for the Navy to be here, for Sea World to be here, or for vacationers and conventioneers to come.  Remove the ocean from San Diego and all of a sudden housing would be affordable.  San Diego would simply be one more dot on the map to someplace else.  Take away the ocean and the life of San Diego would dry up in a heart-beat.  San Diego is not built next to the ocean, but on the ocean.
Just as San Diego is a desert with an ocean next to it, so Egypt is a desert with a river running through it – the Nile.  Remove the Nile from Egypt and all of Egypt is a barren wasteland.  The Nile was the foundation of Egyptian civilization.  Their agriculture and economy depended upon the Nile.  It was not just a source of water and fish, but also of good soil.  The Nile is the longest river in the world (4,145 miles from its remotest headstream in Burundi, Africa).
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